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Our Host of the IYFFL 2016!

Mark Pressdee was the official compere for the IYFFL last year and we are proud to have Mark back as our host of the IYFFL 2016! Mark is a Writer/Director/Producer with over 15 years experience, having worked with major broadcasters in the UK and overseas. His award-winning short films have been screened at Cannes and Edinburgh, most recently his multi-award-winning rom com Titanic Love, which follows his trademark ‘off the wall’ comedy style has been a major success in film festivals worldwide. Titanic Love has won over 41 Awards to date. His latest comedy film recently released entitled, The Final Scene, has already been screened at film festivals globally recently collecting its first award. The film is now on tour across Australia and will be screened for first time at IYFFL 2016. Mark delivers specialist workshops in Filmmaking for Birmingham City University, Birmingham Theatre School, University of Birmingham and University of Liverpool. He also has a passion for filmmaking and working with young people in education, having recently worked on a series of short award-winning comedies for the British Film Institute. Marks other passion is comedy, he performs around the UK with a comedy band performing at comedy venues and Glastonbury Music Festival. He often compares and hosts at events and specialises for film nights. At our film festival Mark is a Jury-Member and will hold a workshop about “Scripts for comedy films”.  As the host of the IYFFL 2016 he will guide with his charisma through the special events of the festival.



Dr. Adama Ulrich, born in Berlin, Germany, studied culture theory at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and received her PhD in dramatics in 1993. Until 1995 she learned her journalistic skills at the East German Broadcaster Brandenburg. Adama works as a freelancer for TV and Radio, particularly for the French-German broadcaster ARTE. She lectures film skills including directing at several institutions, e.g. the FU Berlin University. Adama is a Jury-Member of the IYFFL 2016. In her popular workshop “The Art of Directing” she will lecture about the creative relationship between director and protagonists/actors.



Oddvar Einarson is a movie director based in Kragerø, Norway. He has a long and extensive career as writer, director and cinematographer of numerous documentary-, short- and feature films. Oddvar made his debut as a director with the short film Time i Nyttelære (Lesson in Utilitarianism) in 1967 and has since directed a number of films, e.g. The Battle for Mardøla (1972), and Karachi (1989).  For his feature film “ X” he won several prices including 1987 the Norwegian movie award Amanda for the Best Norwegian Film and the Jury's Special Prize at the Venice Film Festival. In his latest documentary “Financial Adventure” (Finanseventyret, 2012) he continued with his tradition to point at controversial topics. Oddvar Einarson is member of the Board of the South Norwegian Film Fund (Sørnorsk Filmsenter) where important film projects from South Norway are selected and supported. With his rich knowledge of filmmaking Oddvar is joining the IYFFL 2016 as a Jury-Member.



Sergey V. Aprelev is based in St. Petersburg, Russia where he founded the annual “The Sea Calls!” Maritime Film Festival. He is a freelance journalist and film producer, author and producer of several documentary (naval) films – winners and nominates of international festivals.  The Russian Navy Commander worked with the Hollywood movie “K-19 The Widowmaker”. He brought understanding of the submariners’ everyday life and duties and helped to generate a realistic atmosphere. He worked with leading Hollywood movie makers like Kathryn Bigelow, and prominent actors (Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson etc). Sergey is a Member and the Chairman of the Jury IYFFL 2016.



It is an honor to announce Geir Bøhren and Bent Åserud as special guests of the IYFFL 2016. Geir and Bent are some of the world greatest film music composers coming from Europe. Along with Bent Åserud, Geir Bøhren had his breakthrough as a film score composer for the film “Orion's Belt” (1985) with the theme Svalbardtema, which has become an unofficial anthem for Svalbard, Greenland. With this score, they won the Norwegian “Amanda Award” for Best Score and the Film Critics' Award. The duo continued to work closely with director Ola Solum, for which they made the score for nearly all his later works. Geir Bøhren created, along with Åserud, the official anthem for the 1994 Winter Olympics. They won 1999 the Norwegian Music Award “Spellemannsprisen” for the record “Christmas in Blue Mountain” (“Jul i Blåfjell”).  At the IYFFL 2016 Geir Bøhren and Bent Åserud will give an exclusive workshop about composing amazing film score music.